Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all! We in the Boig household have been traveling, holiday fools with the pictures to show for it. I'll let the pictures do the talking on this blog entry, but two quick notes ... that since the last time I wrote Lilah came down with and thankfully got over her first stomach virus (after eating pea soup no less!) and the wrapped with care present to the left was Lilah's first X-mas gift from Alexander - a life size Gund duck that she loves!
We started off our holiday season a little over a week ago (a week and a day ago to be exact) when we dragged Lilah and Hunter out of bed to head to my mom's house in NJ. You can see how well the two of them have taken to sharing the back of the car together.

After good food and good presents, Lilah decided to rearrange her Grandmother's spice cabinet over and over and well over again.

We had a very nice and relaxing two days, and a great dinner with my Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred, who got to see Lilah running all around.

While Hunter did his own form of relaxing on her couch.

Lilah also enjoyed playing with my mom's singing frog.

A few days later we said goodbye to one part of Jersey and hello to another as we all headed off to Lilah's Bubbe's house, where Lilah LOVED to play with her Hanukkah tree and point out all the "balls" (ornaments). She now has four words in her repertoire - ball, baby, Hunter and of course Daddy.

We all enjoyed a good game of "Lilah in the Basket".

Lilah very much enjoyed her first Latke and after a week of her barely eating due to the virus it was a good meal to have.

She also amazed us all with her "peekaboo" napkin game.

As well as her "Let me sleep in Hunter's new bed" game.

Sunday night we made our way back to MD to check out our NEW patio! Garden planting has already started and spring fever is coming soon.

We got back just in time for the first night of Hanukkah at home and the second night at Beth and Darryl's where Lilah received her first CD of Rocknoceros, a local kids band with some great music. I think Lilah enjoyed Darryl dancing more than the CD.

The third night also spent quietly at home, before the 4th night where breaking with the tradition of Christmas Eve Chinese dinner Lilah was a fantastic dinner guest at Growlers, a local area brew pub.

And then Christmas itself (wow was that only yesterday!). As with traditions past we attending the annual Christmas Enchilada celebration at the Reich's, where Lilah and Alexander exchanged lovely gifts and the rest of us brought totally inappropriate White Elephant gifts to exchange with each other.

After a full meal and tons of yummy desserts we got to unwrap one last gift of "Lilah in a sac".

We also pondered "Could Alexander really be Santa Clause?".

And just because it's cute, a picture of all the girls at the party (not even taken this way on purpose!).

So with some partying behind us and some still ahead (more night of Hanukkah and New Years still to come. Lilah kicked back with a book.

And well Hunter ... you can interpret that your own way.

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