Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hockey, Cameras, Speaking and a Patio!

So first, for those I have been spamming with photos for the last two days, I don't think it is going to stop anytime soon! The Boigs (yes that's us, and me speaking in third person) have gotten a new camera and it's fast as anything shutter speed has caused us to take tons of photos each night....

...if you want to be spammed with photos just let me know, but know what you are in for.

As many of you know last Thursday we took Lilah to the Washington Capitals hockey game at the Verizon Center. With third row seats we were able to take in all the action including watching a stuffed hot dog dance across the ice. (dollar hot dog day!).

Lilah had a wonderful time and even watched some of the game. She held out the entire game (which ended just before her normal bedtime) and crashed on the metro on the way home. We will be going once more on Feb 1st!
As promised in the title of this entry, a quick note about our new patio. Well, the note is that we are getting one! And some work done on the garden as well. here is a photo of what it looks like today and Saturday we will have a whole new photos. Except many outdoor BBQs once the weather gets better.

And the rest of these are just photos to show off the new camera.

Sunday morning in PJs.

A close up from far away.

Getting ready for a bath.

And of course a video chatting away two nights ago at dinner. Her vocabulary consists of "Baby", "Daddy" and "Hunter" right now.

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