Thursday, March 1, 2007

What's that smell?!!?

One of the surefire symptoms that gave away my pregnancy, was that I started having a superhero like sense of smell. I could walk down the hall and pick out the scent of not only what someone was having for lunch, but every ingredient that was in their dish. I could smell the herbs growing in my kitchen before they even became big enough to see.

At first I thought this was great! What a fun trick to have for the next nine months. However, I soon realized this new superpower had the ability to backfire. Public bathrooms for example...a whole new experience with my also new found need to use one pretty often (I had no idea the baby presses on your bladder when its less than one inch long!).

Also garlic, ginger, and any strong herb that I usually cook with on a regular basis. A bit overwhelming, to the point where my stomach stopped agreeing I should eat those things. Even chocolate became a less than enjoyable experience - who knew! And well let's just say that we are washing our dog more often than usual. :)

Luckily, I have learned to use this power for more good than evil. It has helped me realize that I can smell chemicals from miles aways and may be part of a protection from breathing in unsafe substances for the baby. I can also enjoy flowers and lightly scented purfume where others can't even tell the smells are there. And I have learned how to hold my breath really well in public bathroom type of instances.

Jason and I are in Boulder, Colorado today - so new experiences smelly and otherwise will abound. Off to smell some fresh mountain air!

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Dr. said...

Oh my lord! What did the laser tag place smell like to you??? And I hope I didn't smell bad after running around in there. If I was a cause of some stomach churning at your house, I apologize! HA!