Sunday, March 18, 2007

Into the Jungle

Jason and I went on our first "baby stuff" shopping trip yesterday to Great Beginnings a local baby superwarehouse in Gaithersburg. I had heard nightmares of complete overwhelm from couples who started with other superstores like Baby's R' Us so I was a bit nervous as a busy day at the mall tends to send me wanting to run back to the car.

And of course I was super prepared. I have a list compiled from many many recent mothers of everything and anything one could ever need for a newborn or toddler and I have been researching brands, reviews, etc. for the last few weeks. So before we went in the store, Jason and I decided to start with the cribs and bed sets and then move on to all the many baby accessory buying options (assuming we had any energy left).

Lucky for me (and for Jason as well since he had to walk around with me!) the store was incredibly well laid out and organized. The center was all"rooms" made up with different theme ideas and a huge variety of cribs and bedding sets. A walkway circled the store reminding me of a track around a football field. Then the accessories were all set up on the outside of this track so that you could peruse one section or the other - letting your brain rest in between buying option.

We had a really good time. We found two bedsets and two cribs we really liked. We learned all about baby nail clippers, baby table bumper and baby bathtubs - it was actually quite fun. However, I think the funniest part was when we made it into the stroller section. This is the one part of the store that was not systematically organized, but really just a bunch of strollers lined up next to each other. We had already been around the inside and most of the outside of the store and when we walked into that part we both looked at each other and said "Not today :)." Probably the best decision we made all day!

In the next few weeks we plan to check out Buy Buy Baby, Pottery Barn Kids and a great place we found up in Fredrick. After that we plan to call our research done and actually start picking out things. All of which, of course, you will get to share right along with us in this blog!

On a different and final note for today. I have read a lot about morning sickness, nausea, and more. Although I have been very lucky, I do occasionally get rather nauseous and for me the cure seems to be nothing I have read anywhere else. Popsicle brand ice pops! I have no idea why but one or two of those 40 calorie pops seems to settle my stomach with 15 minutes. Ah..the mysteries of pregnancy!

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