Monday, March 12, 2007

Pvew at least THAT is over

This weekend we had the rare opportunity to tell almost all of our friends about the impending Baby Boig at once. It was Jason's bday party and virtually everyone was able to come. The combination of extreme excitement and nervousness was quite intense, but it was wonderful to finally be able to share the good news.

After that I went on an email spree to let people know about MBB (Mighty Baby Boig) and I have gotten an amazing response of enthusiasm and joy. And the much needed advice has started rolling in! (Keep it coming :) )

We still have a few friends we need to get a hold of, but the secret is finally out of the bag. It is, however, a bit odd to share the news because there is no outward obvious way to tell that I am pregnant and I have been feeling so good.

A few other misc things...last week the MBB was the size of a strawberry (have to keep up with those fruits) and who knows wat we will be this week - the week change is each Wednesday. Also, you may see that we have started our registry on the left side of the blog. We set it up this way so that we can link to many different types of places so we will see how that works!

Lastly, we have already started hearing many ways to tell if it is a boy or a girl (how bad morning sickness is, date we conceived etc.) We would love to hear any interesting or even humorous ways you may have heard. Although we do not plan to find out - it is always fun to guess!

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