Tuesday, March 27, 2007

For those of you following along at home

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 13th week and most of the pregnancy books I have been reading highlight this as one of the "significant" weeks as you start it in your first trimester and end it in your second. For most women this marks the end of morning sickness and all the fun that comes with that. I am looking forward to the promised energy book to finally make some headway on the baby room.

For all those following along, a quick update on the actual progress of the baby:
  • This week MBB is the size of a peach! Growing steadily to 3 inches and weighing in at .75 oz.
  • Vocal cords are forming - MBB better get ready to stretch those in this family!
  • The nervous system and muscles are practicing the coordination of certain movements, such as bending the wrist, grabbing, and making a fist. - I can't feel that punching yet (soon to come in week 20 or so).
  • Lots of bone is growing - woo hoo maybe MBB will be taller than both Jason and myself (we can only wish!)

Our next big milestone is our heartbeat appointment on April 5 and then early May we have another heartbeat and our final sonogram. Ideally by that point we will have lots more information on WHO will actually being doing that heartbeat test...but that is for another blog.

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