Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What fruit are we today?

A quick morning note. Each Wednesday we get the "What size is your baby this week email" which as I have mentioned in some previous blogs is always a fruit - amusing me to no end. Well this morning the photo to the left came up as I opened my email and I immediately thought - "A grapefruit! How did we get from a strawberry to a grapefruit in one week and I am not even showing.". The email itself didn't mention the name of the fruit at all. Luckily, someone created HTML , metatags and as I hovered over the grapefruit looking photo up popped the words "Your baby is the size of an apricot." Ahhh much better! Glad to know that MBB is not growing at the rate of a strawberry to a grapefruit each week. I guess that is what I get for checking my email before 7am. :P

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