Friday, April 20, 2007

Check! Another thing off the list.

I am a list maker by nature. By with MBB on the way I have found myself making lists upon my lists.

One of the things on the list that I wanted to get figured out early on was finding a mohel to perform a bris if we had a son. (if you really want to know more about this topic let me know and I will provide the um um details) Although we are not going to find out until Birth Day about the sex, I was unsure if like daycare there was some type of list someplace I had to get on to assure we had someone on the needed day. I have been spending time contacting people around DC and luckily was able to reach Rabbi Michael Henesch who comes much recommended by my friends Rachael and Jonathan as well as many mom-to-be message boards around town.

I was not sure what to expect when I talked to the Rabbi, but he was great. He answered all my questions and I am very comfortable that he is a good fit for us. So phew one more thing done!!!

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