Sunday, April 8, 2007

We have furniture!

Pvew what a weekend! So after the amazing trip and knowledge download at Enkore Kids, Jason and I wanted to show my mom the different end of the spectrum (larger big box store). So yesterday after a visit to the Imax downtown we stopped off at Great Beginings.

The store was almost completely empty which was both nice and amazing because they were having a clearance sale on some of their nursery furniture (can you see where this blog is going already;) ). After walking around for a while we checked out the clearance room and found a dresser we already loved in the store marked down 22%! After a little negotiating my mom was able to make it 30% and she bought it for us - woo hoo. Here is a photo of it from the catalogue (just the bottom part, not the hutch).

It is perfect for using as a changing table with a change pad strapped to it and both Jason and I loved the wood.

That got us in the shopping mood and we started to look at cribs. OK so a quick primer for anyone who has not bought a baby crib in the past five years or so. Making a gross generalization there are two kinds of cribs on the market now - convertible and non-convertible ones. The convertible ones go from a crib, to a daybed, to a toddler bed to a full size bed. The non-convertible ones are just a crib. All cribs are made in all types of wood, all colors, all shapes and sizes. AND (we learned yesterday) they may take 10-16 weeks to come in (gulp!)

Jason and I went back and forth on the convertible non-convertible ones for a month or so because the cost of the convertible one was so much higher...

So, now we had a dresser and wanted to make sure to get a crib that reasonably matched. We found a sales person and enlisted her help so we didn't have to wander around the huge store ourselves. Well she didn't have much work to do! She literally turned around in the spot she was standing and said - "How about this one" and it was PERFECT! It was the same wood, a style we love, was convertible and less than the cost of all of the other cribs we had been looking at. So we ordered it. The photos below are it as a crib and then also as a full converted bed.

And then we were worn out!

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