Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Back from work travels and have much blogging to catch up on. First the weekly fruit update. The baby is the size of an apple, growing to a size of 3.5 inches and weighing in at 1 full ounce. Today begins week 14 - only 6 weeks away from the mid-point - going fast!

Jason and I go for the monthly heartbeat check in tomorrow morning, but then we have a nice 4 week break before any other doctor's appointments. So the plan is to use this time for cleaning and getting the baby room ready! This weekend my mom is in town and we are going to go to a place I found in Fredrick. They have new and "previously loved" items so lots of ideas. Since we have started to share with more and more friends and family about the baby we have been getting some great suggestions on items to buy. Two that I especially loved are Arms Reach which is a bassinet attached you bed for easy mid-night feedings! Also with my bad back the Ergo Baby carrier looks great - although the video on the website is kinda scary.

I have also been on my first maternity clothes buying adventure...but that is for a blog later tonight!

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Ellen said...

Don't let the Ergo video scare you. I figure if I can learn to use the Ergo, anyone can. Honestly, mine sat for a week because my 1st try was so scary. But there was no video in those days. Watch it a few times and use mirrors when practicising. Have someone spot you. You'll be using it well in no time!