Friday, November 30, 2007

Lilah is two months old!

Lilah is two months old today. Happy Birthday Lilah!!!

As you see from the comparison photos she has grown quite a bit in one month. Almost 2lbs - she went from 8lbs 13oz on her one month bday to 10lb 11oz today. And she is
22 inches. Both her height and weight are in the 50 percentile for babies her age. (Her head is in the 70 percentile if you must know)

She did wonderfully with her shots today. Better than I would have done to get three shots in the leg, one in the arm and an oral vaccine. So far she seems to be handling them well - yea for Lilah.

Speaking off she is "asking" to have dinner now so off I go. Happy end of November to all.

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