Sunday, July 6, 2008

And the flip flop has it!

So to start off, there are just too many photos of the last week to share, so the nine month bear ones will just have to wait for the next post. But trust me, they are well worth the wait as getting Lilah to sit still for them was an amazing (and not really accomplished well) feat.
What we have accomplished this week, however, has been sitting around staring at the amazing growth Lilah has had in just one week. Her nine month doctor appointment went very well and she weighs in at 17lbs 8 oz, 27 inches with a 95% noggin. We got rave reviews and the best "Well we'll see you again in three months" a mom could hope for.

One of the items reported on was Lilah's ability to start to eat solid foods. Mashed, pureed and cut up - any form will do as long as it is mushy enough her not yet appearing teeth can handle them. As you can see from the photos she is handling banana and a green bean quite well. She has had about every veggie and most fruits you can imagine and is doing a good job at not being allergic to any of them so far. Go Lilah!

After a bit of a crazy week at the Boig's (that's us!) we settled into the Forth of July with a cute outfit and good friends. Elizabeth and Santiago came over for a BBQ and backyard camping (quickly turning into an indoor sleepover when we got hit with a massive rainstorm). Lilah had no lack of fun times as we also had the pleasure of hosting our step-dog Mookie who allowed Lilah complete latitude of climbing and food stealing.
Rounding out the weekend was a defunct trip to a closed water park and a visit by Uncle Steven who got to watch Lilah toss around all her toys (but thankfully not her squash!).

As we were getting ready to wrap up the long weekend, we heading over to Beth and Darryl's for what we thought would be an uneventful Sunday night cookout. However, never uneventful when the Boig/Eagle/Diamonds get together, Lilah amazed us all by finally getting her crawling going by chasing Beth's flip flop across part of the room. Who knew? I guess it's time to get some new shoes!

OK off to get some shut eye. Stay tuned for nine month bear photos as well as a recap of Jason and my six year anniversary dinner tomorrow night.

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Sue F said...

Lilah is adorable! I loved reading through your blog and catching up on all of your stories. Hope to see you in person soon - until then keep posting such great pics :)