Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lilah has a new friend (and potential husband!)

Apparently not being able to wait a moment longer to meet Lilah, his potential wife-to-be, Alexander Paul Reich was born Sunday night at 7:39pm about seven weeks early.

Doing wonderfully he is already kicking away and yelling at anyone who dares to disturb his naps.

As you can see Lilah can't wait to meet him and sent a shout out through our digital camera to his hospital room.

Elizabeth is also doing well, resting up and enjoying the heat of a room with bad air conditioning in the middle of a DC summer (send ice! - just kidding).

Love and well more love to Alexander, Elizabeth and Santiago.

PS. If anyone wants to send, call, etc. shoot me an email for information - I don't want to post it.

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dinerfeld said...

Hey! Jacob is first in line as potential husband ;)