Wednesday, July 16, 2008

She really is growing up!

Lilah continue to amazes us day by day with what she is able to do. She has been learning to share with others, passing items back and forth from Jason and I as we say "Thank You" and hand them back to her. As you can see from this photo, she also has been trying her darnedest to share with Hunter (Unfortunately his lack of opposable thumbs makes it difficult).

She has also been learning to do laundry. As you can see here she is hard at work making sure that we all have clean clothes to wear.

Crawling has allowed her to do many new things and already getting into many hysterical situations.

My mom and sister were in town this past weekend and bought Lilah a baby pool allowing her to rediscover how much she loves water and providing many laughs as we watch her enjoy herself in the pool!

Lilah also went on an adventure to our favorite sushi restaurant where she got to watch all of us enjoy fantastic martinis and showed up all the other babies by being the best behaved one there (of course!). Luckily I have no photos to show of that one.

Two misc. notes....thank you to everyone who sent me a link to the new MD law requiring employers to have a contract with their nanny. Luckily since we have two lawyers and an MBA in our nanny share that was the first thing we did!

Also...we got the sound fix on the video part of our camera so more videos coming soon!

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