Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Babyproofing anyone?

Trying to shoot Lilah's nine months with the bear was a hysterical experience. As you can see from the above photo (the left one, the right one is from when she was five month to compare) she was hard to keep still. We are starting a music class in a few weeks called "Perpetual Motion" and I really think that is the perfect way to describe her. Always moving and busy - have a fantastic time with a great smile.

The last two weeks have been amazing in terms of growth - Lilah crawled all the way across the room yesterday and today crawled all the way off our bed (no worries she is perfectly fine!). She has broken through one tooth and another is coming very soon. We will try to get a photo of them, but so far she has wanted to keep the lid (or more specifically her tongue on them.

She is also pulling up on everything around and it has been fun getting the house baby proof ready.

Off to get some sleep for whatever tomorrow's adventures with her will bring!

(this is a five month photo to compare to the nine month one on the left)

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