Thursday, July 10, 2008

So you say she is crawling....prove it!

For all of those who said they didn't believe me that Lilah is a crawling maniac - tonight's adventures.


Stefanie said...

SO CUTE! But no sound?!

Darryl said...

OMG Steph....stop complaining. Supply your own sound, I recommend "Come on Feel the Noise" or "Sister Christian" personally.

Lilah, you are hella cute....keep up the good work!

Stefanie said...

Oh Daryll....when are you going to learn how to spell my name?

All I'm saying is....Lilah might have been making cute "baby" noises or Jenna might have been giving her encouraging words which would have made the video EVEN CUTER!


N & G said...

That is a great video of Lilah!!! She is getting so big and always beautiful. Hope all is well.