Monday, September 1, 2008

It's September - Do you know what that means...

Well first it meant we had a fantastic Labor Day weekend with friends. Saturday we worked around the house and made lots of tasty goodies for the weekend parties. Lilah helped by making sure we bought the right groceries at the store - trying to touch everything as we walked by.

Sunday we had a wonderful lunch with Gayle, Erik and Jordan eating tasty food and watching the kids play in the baby pool. It has been amazing to watch the two of them grow together developing new skills and interests.

We also went to a Labor Day party at Beth and Darryl's on Sunday night, where we got to hang out and relax with a bunch of our friends, many of which we had not seen in quite a while. Lilah got to be the "middle child" having a great time with Sydney and Meredith as well as giving air kisses to Alexander.

Then today we caught up around the house, getting a new printer (our old one died) that also allows us to print photos - whoohoo!! Lilah also decided it was time to learn how to feed herself. So a messy video showing her first, pretty darn successful, attempt.

Also for fun, and to probably amuse only me, a photo of her finally getting Cheerios (well actually Organic O's, but whose being specific) in her mouth.

Lastly, in case you didn't realize it - LILAH TURNS ONE this month. Wow and wow for us here in the Boig household. More to come on that in future posts where I also need to discuss Lilah trying to walk, her upper teeth that have come in, and many more fun subjects.

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dinerfeld said...

Funniest/cutest things about "cherrios" video:
1. how she wipes her mouth with her arm like she's just had a HUGE, satisfying meal
2. how she rolls that one little O around in her mouth...did she ever end up chewing it?