Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lilah Turns ONE!!!

Happy Birthday Lilah! (insert song here)

At this moment sleep right next to me on our bed is a super cute and much LARGER and more active baby than one year ago today.

For the first time in writing this blog I had to sit back this morning and think a bit before I could figure out what to say.

It has been an amazing year. In just one year Lilah has gone from 7lbs to 19lbs (aprox) and from a blobby baby to a cruising toddler. She is babbling away each day just busting to tell us what she is thinking of the world. And I am pretty sure Jason and I have learned more from her than she has from us.

It has been a year of sadness as well as celebrations, but at the end of each day watching her curl up on one of our laps for bed, we know that all can be right and good with the world another day.

On the celebration end, this weekend we had one of two and a half parties for Lilah's birthday at my Aunt Missy's house in PA. Lilah got to meet seven of her cousins and we got to kick off the birthday fun a little early.

We had a fantastic time and as you can see Lilah was more interested in feeding her Daddy the cake I made her to smash than actually smashing it herself. (Maybe we will have more luck tonight!).

However she did know that the party was about her first birthday as you can see her sporting her I'm "one years old" finger in this photo while being held by my cousin Holli. (Hopefully next year she won't look like Nixon).

It was also an opportunity for family pictures and amazingly enough seven of the cousins sat on the stairs for JUST long enough for me to get this photo :)

You have to admit we have a pretty cute family!

So, a very very happy birthday to (as we call her) Miss Lilah Bean!
We can not wait to see was this year brings!

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Tara said...

Wishing a Happy Happy Birthday to Lilah from her Auntie Tara! xoxo