Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lilah's First Trip to the Park and FOUR videos! (longest post ever)

WARNING TO READERS: This is going to be the longest post this site has ever had as I have four videos and a ton of photos to share from our trip to the park today. So be forewarned you might want to have a cup of coffee handy!

After our most recent tropical storm blew threw, it left us with what might be the last nice day our area will see till next May. So Jason and I decided to take advantage of it taking the whole family (Jason, Lilah, Hunter and myself) out to the local park that we walk Hunter around every day. We did the picnic thing packing sandwiches (and sweet potatoes for Lilah), chips, drinks and walked the four blocks over to the park to sit on a large blanket under a tree.

If we haven't talked to you, this family outing was much needed as Lilah has spent the last few days cutting her two top teeth, causing fever, pain and general crankiness to ... well everyone! She has been getting better and better, but today turned a corner and could not wait to get outside and play.

The first video you are seeing was actually at the end of our picnic when we hit the slides and Jason and Lilah had fun seeing which of the three available she liked best. The next video was Lilah watching other dogs play at the park.

Hunter, of course, as you can see in this video, had much more interesting things to check out than other dogs in the park. We are continuously amazed with the different things that Lilah can do, increasing on a daily basis. We are also surprised with all of the odd things (well odd to us!) that she does. Today's realization was that when she is napping and we go in to check on her, she is always sleeping with her head shoved in one of the four corners of her crib. Jason wants me to take a photo, but I am always so afraid of waking her.

This video was the first one that we shot at the park, after Lilah decided she wanted to feed herself sweet potatoes and then give mommy a BIG KISS on the stomach. (picture a child, face full of sweet potatoes crawling as fast as light right into you so hard it almost knocks you over -- what's not to love about that). As you can see (and I say in the video) she is hamming it up for the camera. She now understands that the "click" of the camera means turn around and smile or make a funny face.

We also took TONS of photos today and I was going to post about six of them, but am now realizing folks coffee might be running out. So stay tuned for tomorrow when I will post all the photos from today's adventure, plus a few I have been holding out for just the right blog post.

And remember....she turns ONE in three and a half week AKAK!!

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