Saturday, September 6, 2008

A look back at Lilah throughout the months - Through Photos!

As we move closer and closer to Lilah's first birthday, I have been going through all of our old photos of her to get some framed for our house. So...a look back....

This is a photo that Jason took my first day back at work after maternity leave. Outfit provided by Lilah's Aunt Sarah she had the best smile already and it made my day to get this over e-mail just as I was starting to get lonely.

Lilah's first fancy schmancy party - Enchilada X-mas at the Reich's (also known as Alexanders parents). This is her first fancy party dress a hand-me-down from Sydney.

At her first formal photo shoot. This picture was taken when my friend Erika (also a professional photographer) spent the day with us shooting Lilah, Lilah and well more Lilah.

The first time she sat up on her own. We were at Darryl and Beth's house and she could not wait to play her piano all by herself. (now she uses it to stand up).

And last, but NEVER least - Lilah's amazing ability to make the international sign for Cockerspaniel (see previous posts on this if you are confused).

So a quick look back - enjoy!

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