Monday, September 22, 2008

Lilah's Wild Adventures

With just a little over one week till Lilah's first b-day (one week and four hours to be exact), she is growing by leaps and bounds each day. From standing a few seconds on her own, to FINALLY holding her own bottle, to being able to point at what she wants us to get her. The last week has been full of milestones. Milestones and adventures!

With eating always the great adventure, I has to share this photo of Lilah enjoying her new favorite food - yogurt! She loves it and has some each day. I discovered her love for it when I was having some of my own yogurt one day and she practically ripped the spoon out of my hand.

In the "thing we do as grownups she like to imitate" area, Lilah has also been stealing toothbrushes from out of my mouth. This is her with my second replacement after the first one seems to have gotten "lost" among her toys. Well at least I know she already has good hygiene!

I forgot to mention in my last blog post that we had gone out for Tara's bday with family and friends. Normally, I let posts be posts and don't revisit them, but I mention it here only to be able to share this photo of Alexander after his first "boys" trip to Krispy Kreme. I think he could fit his whole body in that hat!

I have mentioned the wonderful nanny and nanny share that we do a few times on the blog, but I wanted to share the photo of Lilah and Kiran after a long walk to the park last week. (ooooahhh aren't they cute....)

Lastly, yesterday Lilah and I had an impromptu adventure to the Wheaton Regional Park with Erik, Gayle and Jordan. As Jason was working on our floors all day, I had gone to lunch and then tagged along on their daily adventures. As you can see from this photo Lilah had a wonderful time on the carousal and after some walking and more walking she got to admire lots of butterflies in an exhibit that closed yesterday.

And because it is fun, Lilah when she first sees her evening "dessert" of Organic O's (or just O's as we call them around here.

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