Friday, October 24, 2008

What IS she eating!

Over the past week, I have been amazed by the shear sneakiness (some call it "personality") that Lilah has developed and I have shared the following tale with several of you:

As you can see from the photo on the left, Lilah has started eating with us at the dinner table. She eats a range of things from fish to spinach and still on occasion jar food -- although she likes to feed it to herself as I am sure you can tell from this photo. In addition, she REALLY likes to feed Hunter from the table. Although Jason and I have been working to deter this behavior, she is pretty committed to making sure Hunter is not left out of the dinner process. So, what she has done is to put food in her mouth and then when Jason and I look away - taking it out of her mouth and SNEAKING IT TO HUNTER! Now granted she is only one and not all that sneaky, but still, I am not sure if I should be annoyed that she is trying to put one over on us, or damn proud (I think I am going with damn proud).

The other food item that bring me much humor is apples. Anytime we go to the grocery story, Lilah MUST have an apple to gnaw on as we travel up and down the aisles. At first she only made little dents in it, but as she is getting more and more teeth. she had been able to finish quite a bit of it so that when I give it to the cashier to way and pay, I almost feel like they should weigh Lilah as well. And since a video is worth tons of words check this out from about a hour ago (getting home from tonight grocery shopping.)

That poor apple - it didn't know what hit it!

Thankfully as she gets older Lilah is still on her best behavior in restaurants as long as we keep her entertained. What counts as entertaining you may ask....well this video says it all!

And with that I say "Good night!"

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