Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lilah and Jenna's Excellent Adventures

This weekend saw lots of wild and crazy adventures for Lilah and her mom (that's me!). As we have the last few weekends, Jason has spent some concentrated time working on completing the installation for our bedroom floors and Lilah and I have worked to get out of his way and out of the house!

On Saturday afternoon Lilah and I ventured to her last swim class of the session where she received her - "Your doing great!" certificate from our instructor Mary. We will miss the next two weeks as we head out of town, but will be back swimming mid-November till the end of the year. After that, and in anticipation of Mom's wild night out, Lilah, Tara and I headed out for an impromptu shopping spree at Kohl's where Lilah surprised us all by learning to fall asleep in her new stroller! Then back to the house where Dad took over for nighttime fun and games and mom headed out pretending to be 21 (well 19 acting like 21) for a night on the town with friends.

Sunday morning brought new adventures as Lilah and Mom (and Beth!) ventured out to Darryl's 15th (yes you read correctly 15th) marathon. Coming in at his 3rd best time ever Lilah cheered and cheered for Darryl and all the rest of the runners.

She also really enjoyed watching the planes go by from National Airport!
After the marathon and a quick stop to eat, the ladies headed out to the pumpkin festival at Butlers Orchard. Some pumpkin picking, apple eating and animal petting later we all headed back to crash at our respective houses.

An adventurous weekend but a wonderful time! Next up this weekend - relaxation in Deep Creek MD for Bday fun with the Reiches!

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Darryl said...

Love the photo collages!