Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lilah's first hair cut (and other stuff)

Wow two postings in one week! It must be the cold weather keeping me more tied to my computer.

Well what the cold weather is NOT doing is keep Lilah and the rest of us inside! As you can see she enjoys being all bundled up and out and about on the town. And tonight "on the town" was over to Lakeforest Mall to get Lilah's first hair cut at Cartoon Cuts, a salon especially for kids.

The event started as well as Lilah sat in her chair and watched Elmo on the TV in front of her. Unfortunately that peace only lasted until the nice hairdresser spritz her hair water and got out her scissors.

It was at that point that Lilah showed her true feelings and had one of the few breakdowns that we have seen. (Although if a stranger started coming at my head with a sharp pointy object you can bet I would have a breakdown as well!). Thankfully the hairdresser had seen it all and was skilled enough to still cut her bangs in a straight line!

Also thankfully, she always recovers fast, especially when given some new toys to play with.

As you can see her curls are still intact and we were very pleased with the results.

Lilah is becoming more playful day by day. Two quick snapshots of her "hiding and seeking" and her "bear hugs".

Next up we have interactive video with dancing!


dinerfeld said...

Cool to see Lilah in a bumbo chair, Jacob just started with his now that he can hold his head up and I wasn't sure how long we'd be using it for :)

Anne said...

If I thought she would like me, I would steal your baby - she is sooooooooo cute!!!!