Monday, October 20, 2008

Lilah is walking! (well she is "stepping")

Yes. the rumor is true! Lilah has taken her first steps and she has taken them several times. This past Thursday Lilah walked from Jason to me, and back again several times taking as many as four steps without falling!

Why did it take so long for blog post you may ask? Well, it took that many days for us to be able to capture it with a video, and not even a good video at that. But below are the two best attempts we have been able to make to show off one of Lilah's biggest growth steps (ha ha get it "steps") ever!

Along with her first steps, Lilah has also become a full fledged toddler - attitude and all. The photo above shows Jason feeding her broccoli and turkey meatballs with chopsticks. We were having sushi with Darryl and Beth last night and Lilah refused to eat unless she was eating the same way the rest of us were. So chopsticks it was! Tonight she had the same fish (snapper) and spinach that Jason and I were having. Fun stuff having a real "little person" around.

And now on to the videos....

Lastly, since I like to keep the tone of my blog lighthearted, if you want to see what I truly think of Baby's R Us head on over to Darryl's blog "Nobody Likes a Jerk" for a different side of the Boigs (well just this Boig).

Evening and happy walking to all!

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Tara said...

Did you take my advice and have Hunter hold the video camera? :-)