Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The parties are over, but not the fun!

As you might be able to tell, since I have not updated my Facebook status since last Wednesday, it has been a crazy fun week around the Boig household. And as you know, this past weekend was Lilah's third and last bday party!

This party was at our place and with about 30 friends, family and many children was quite a crazy time (although now that I think about it I think we had that many folks at my Aunt Missy's just more kids and less adults!).

True to form, Lilah did a very good job of not smashing her cake, but doing her well known "one finger" trick of touching it and then licking icing off of her finger.

A few folks commented to me how wonderful it was to have Lilah surrounded by so many folks who clearly loved and cared about her. What a wonderful thing to hear!

We also had a great time after the party opening the fantastic and generous gifts from everyone - thank you! You can see Lilah modeling one of her new outfits here.

Before all of the fun festivities Lilah had her one year pediatrician appointment on Friday. And...drum roll...out of the Dr's mouth she is "perfect". She is 19lbs and 11oz and 50% in both height and weight. Of course she still sports the 95% head thanks to her dad. :)

Thankfully we have very little planned the next few weeks and plan to relax and finish our bedroom flooring so that Lilah and Hunter can have even more fun sliding around in their socks (and paws).

Tales of food, fun and bday videos in our next post....stay tuned!

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Kristin said...

I love looking at these Lilah pictures! Damn, she's cute!