Friday, October 5, 2007

Even the pediatrician says she is cute!

I think I am beginning to see a pattern in my blogging times as you can see from the time stamp on this and yesterday morning's posts :) In case you are wondering how I am typing and caring for my half asleep daughter the scenario looks something like this:

Which is both her and my favorite Lilah sleeping position. Yes, she does actually sleep in her co-sleeper at night (she is up to about 1 and a half hours a shot), but after her midnightish snack I enjoy just hanging out with her a bit (also allowing her poor father time to get some sleep as I am not yet coordinated/healed enough to do all the things to get her back into a prime co-sleeper slumber). So middle of the night blog postings it is!

Today's adventure consisted of Lilah's first trip to the pediatrician where we learned she is perfect and normal - although as her grandfather (my father) said when I called him "Perfect I already knew, normal I think we should wait a few years before making that determination" :)

We of course dressed her in a super cute outfit to show her off, but took the advice of the sales person at Encore Kids (remember that blog posting - it seems like a lifetime ago) and brought a blanket to wrap her up in and keep her warm between the nurse weighing her and the doctor coming in. She is in the 50th percentile for both height and head circumference - who knew they measured that - and the 25th for weight having gained 5oz since we left the hospital - go us! After checking her all over and giving me some wonderful advice on how to manage healing after a c-section, the pediatrician said all looked great and we are released back into the world with least till our appointment next week.

Starting today Lilah is going to have much fun with many visitors, starting with her Aunt Ashley (my sister) who is flying red eye in from California. Then tomorrow her Grandma Ellen (my mom) comes in for a week and her Uncle Steven (Jason's brother and a student at American) is coming over for a visit. So adventure's abound with new experiences to come - and to blog about.

Until then - goodnight and sleep tight to all!

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