Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lilah's life in photos

Lilah will never be able to say there were not enough photos of her during her first week of life! We have been lucky that not only do we have photos from most of our friends as well as ourselves, but that our daughter happens to photograph quite well (better than her mother is this week let me tell you!).

Although I haven't written much about it in this blog, I am a pretty avid organic gardener and was able to develop a pretty decent plot this year even will pregnant. We took down the majority of the garden a few weeks ago, but left in some of the zucchinis that were growing. Before she was born, I had the idea off measuring Lilah (then MBB) against one of the super longer variety ones. Well we finally picked it and you can check out the photographic evidence.

My sister Ashley flew in yesterday from California to meet her niece.

Lilah loved playing with her Aunt Ashley and we broke out the play mat for her first playtime and tummy time experience.

That's all my sleepy brain can process today - until tomorrow when you can expect photos of Lilah and her Uncle Steven!

PS. Oh wait - a few folks have asked how Hunter is doing with Lilah - he is wonderful and calm. We just keep forgetting to take photos - so those coming soon as well.

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