Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wow I am a slacker!

So I was getting ready today to post how proud I was that I finally reached 70 blog entries and was even awake enough to do another one today. But then (sigh) I read Darryl's blog http://nobodylikesajerk.blogspot.com/ and realized wow I am a slacker - he has reached over 100 blog entries (check out his top 10 list) in just under four months. I better step it up :)

So when last I wrote, Jason and I had been left to our own devices with Lilah as all our visitors had left (THANK YOU FAMILY!). We spend Friday afternoon relaxing around the house and even got a 45 minute nap in. Friday night Jason, Lilah, Hunter and I crashed watching lots of TV and generally relaxing. She slept very well and I woke up a new woman on Saturday (OK the same women but a much more rested and happy one).

Saturday Jason and I finally got to clean through the mounds of papers that had been accumulating around the house and we celebrated by taking Lilah out to Giant and (of course) Buy Buy Baby. We also had a wonderful lunch at Lebanese Taverna. If you have not been to one of their locations, I highly recommend it for tasty food. So a compliment to Buy Buy Baby..."Thank you Buy Buy Baby for not only saying that you cater to moms and babies BUT actually proving it by having a private feeding room in your store.". I am sure I am not the only new mom that has misjudged feeding time and caught themselves in the middle of a store on a crowded Saturday with a screaming hungry baby. What a wonderful service to have a private room for those (like me) that are still not 100% comfortable with the whole breastfeeding in public thing (I know it will get easier but what is easier than a private room!). So even through their clothing prices are totally insane, I will still make it a point to shop there for diapers and other items to support them since they support me.

On Sunday, Lilah got all dressed up for some visitors. Darryl, Beth, Liz and Santiago came over to hang out, watch some football and (unsuccessfully because it was Sunday and we went too late) get me out of the house to get my nails done. It is amazing that even though she has grown 1lb and 1in she is still swimming in her smallest dress! You can see from the photo on the left that she likes hanging out with Santiago and I even got to eat my dinner warm because she was so good with him!

Yesterday I had my first Mommy follow up appointment and I happy to report all is good with me. I even got permission to start using our Ergo Carrier and so yesterday Hunter, Lilah and I went for a walk together. Unfortunately I was out of hands to take a photo, but the next I have company on my walk I will make sure to get one.

Off to tackle the mound of Thank You notes I have been avoiding. If you don't see me back online it's because I got writers cramp!

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Stefanie said...

That's b/c Darryl has nothing better to do than b*tch! You're a mommy now...you have a good excuse. :)