Friday, October 19, 2007

Lilah Who?

Disclaimer: This blog posting is being written by a very sleep deprived, very tired mommy in between Lilah feedings after having dealt with a leaky basement. No responsibility for the content, grammar or flow of this posting should be contributed to Lilah or her mom. More coherent posts to come soon.

Wow a lot can happen in two weeks. Thank you readers of this blog for hanging out even thoughts its been a while since I posted. I hope to be posting on a more consistent basis - but no promises.
So catching up on the "Life of Lilah" from where I left off on October 8th:

After Aunt Ashley left, my mom stayed for the rest of the week to help out. In between trying to catch some zzzz's we were able to get quiet a bit accomplished and Lilah went on some fun adventures to Buy Buy Baby, the pediatrician and my office. She was fantastic at the Dr. (as fantastic as anyone who has to strip down and get placed on a cold scale would be) and she continues to be a great baby only crying when she really wants something (usually food!).

When my mom was here, Lilah also got her first sponge bath. Until the umbilical cord falls off, that is the main way to get her clean. She was pretty good about it, especially since it took four hands to get it done!

My mom left on Saturday morning and Lilah attended Darryl's 31st birthday party at The Flaming Pit in Germantown, Maryland. She entertained the masses (ok not really, but she did sleep the entire time under the table which is amazing considering how loud it was). Although you couldn't see it as she was in her car carrier - she sported a onesie in honor of Darryl that said "You done with that!?".

This bring us through the 14th when Lilah got a visit from her Bubbe (Jason's mom). Lilah got to have her first offical Jewish brunch of lox, bagels and Bubbe's home made gefilte fish. (OK I got to have all those things, but they get to her eventually). Uncle Steven also came back over for a visit, along with Darryl's parents; Beth and Darryl; and my Aunt Missy and Uncle Bennett. It was a mini party for Lilah.
Then Tuesday through this morning my Aunt Karen and Uncle Fred (photos to come soon) came down to visit. Miss Lilah is very popular. If you recall from earlier posts, my Uncle Fred is the one who painted the mural on Lilah's wall, which looks even more fantastic now that her room is actually done. With Karen and Fred here Lilah went back to the pediatrician (she is now 8lbs - whoohoo) and we did another trip to a different Trader Joe's and her first trip to Baby Depot a place we just found as part of Burlington Coat factory.
So today is catch up day- on the blog, emails, sleep, etc. Speaking of Lilah wants to catch up on some eating now so good day to all!


Stefanie said...

Yay for more pictures and an update!

N & G said...

Wow, she is growing, 8lbs is awesome. WE love seeing the pictures and the updates, thought you guys had fallen asleep for awhile there.