Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Lilah!

If you don't already know it, today is Lilah's one month birthday. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILAH! Each month (around the 30th) we will be measuring Lilah's growth against my childhood bear to watch her growth. This is the first photo taken today.

Lilah had her one month pediatrician appointment today and she continues to do well. She gained another 13oz and is 8lbs 13oz - great growth. She is a bit short, but as I told the pediatrician - "have you seen our family." :)

She also had her first real bath today and was a complete trooper even when I poured the water over her head to rinse her hair.

So to catch up since my last post:

Yesterday Lilah visited The Nature Conservancy headquarters in Arlington, VA. After peeing all over her first cute outfit (and my cute outfit) she got dressed in the outfit to the left and could not have been more adorable. She was an excellent traveler and showed off her cute faces and noises to all of mommy's (that's me!) friends.

Every year since Jason and I met his mom and I have had "joint birthday weekend" since her Bday is October 23 and mine is the 31st. This past weekend Lilah got in on the fun and also got to meet her Aunt Sarah for the first time. We had dinner at Nick's Chophouse that I recommend both for their excellent food and their accommodations to mothers who need to nurse and have fussy babies.

And as you can see, it's never too early to see if what kind of martini's Lilah likes!

Tomorrow as you probably know is Halloween and you know that that means - Lilah in costume - so tune in for even more cuteness.

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