Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mom! Don't take my picture!

Although Lilah is quite cute when she is awake, sometimes she is even cuter when she is sleeping. Because she does not have complete control over her muscles yet, sometimes they end up in the funniest and cutest positions. The one on the left is what I call her paparazzi photo - telling all the hordes of photographers to go away :)

She is getting a lot better at putting herself back to sleep when she wakes herself up which is great. We even got a whole 5 hours sleep in a row two night ago - Go Lilah!

Coming to your mailbox soon will be the official "Welcome Lilah" baby announcement. But in case I don't have your mailing address and you want to see it, I photographed it so you can checked it out. I LOVE the squishy face. A big thank you shout out to Darryl who took this photo, but who didn't get the actual photo credit on the announcement (I deal with photographers for a living so photo credits are very important!). If you don't think I have your mailing address, but you want a real hard paper announcement, please feel free to send it to me as I love to show my daughter off in as many ways possible.

Sometimes I have to smile at life's little parallels. Yesterday Lilah and I took our first trip to Giant by ourselves. After having to have to pick her up and carry her through the store while pushing her stroller with my other hand literally throwing my groceries into it, I congratulated myself for an exciting day being a brave new mom. So when my sister called me last night I was all set to tell her about her brave sister when she first informed me about her day SKYDIVING.

At least I know none of us are ever bored :)

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