Thursday, May 17, 2007

1/2 way there yea yea yea

Disclaimer: The photo to the left has nothing what-so-ever with this blog posting. It's just a cool photo I felt like putting up.

MBB is halfway here! Yesterday marked the first day of week 20 and 20 more weeks to go till MBB's arrival. Things are shifting into high gear with getting the house and our lives ready for our new arrival. But first a recap of the last 20 weeks:

  • We first found out about MBB on January 29th. I was able to wait a whole 15 hours (of running to the doctor to get bloodwork done) before I told Jason. I presented him with a little baby cap that said "I love my Daddy" on it.
  • Then mid February we saw MBB for the first time - looking no bigger than a grain of rice, he/she had a strong heartbeat and was getting ready to grow.
  • I learned all about what to eat and not to eat and in late February realized that although both "soft (creamy)" and "cheese", cream cheese did not count as a soft cheese in the handbook of pregnancy.
  • On March 10th we announced MBB to the world (or at least the greater world of all our friends) and the waiting began for everyone.
  • Also in mid March we had our first visit to the baby super store and was surprised that it was not as bad as we thought (although that might be because it was a local place and not a chain).
  • Late March brought another look at MBB who by that time was looking like a real little person.
  • It was in late March that we also learned the birthing center I planned to go to, as well as my mid-wife's office was closing ASAP. The hunt began for new prenatal care.
  • We were productive in April finding a great baby store in Fredrick MD, ordering our first furniture, hiring a mohel and of course learning that MBB was rubber and a duck in my stomach!
  • This brings us to the last few weeks in May. MBB began to kick and I can feel he/she more every day. We also painted the baby room and learned that even though Jason may be allergic to coconuts he is NOT allergic to his baby!

Wow! What a 20 weeks. Who knows what the rest of this pregnancy has in store. Then here comes MBB - get ready world!!

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