Wednesday, May 9, 2007

At least its not rubber!

Back to the land of the Internet! Still not fixed at home, at least I can get online during lunch at work. Hopefully we will be back up this week. The last few days have been really productive, but first the update. According to the email MBB is the size of a Magic 8 ball - I am sure there is some secret answer for us in there.
  • From Monday's ultrasound we know that MBB is a healthy 10 oz and is showing a size of 10 weeks. Right on schedule - the due date they are going with now is Oct 1, although it is sure to change as the baby grows.
  • According to my weekly email, MBB should be about 6 inches long growing steadily each week.
  • MBB is kicking! Very lightly and not that often yet, but it's there. Like a tap tap tap almost - a very cool thing indeed.

Jason is scanning in our ultrasound photos from Monday's appt. so take a look for those in the next day or two. Also a recap of the DC Birthing Center (yeaaa a place to give birth) coming soon!

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