Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh no Jason is alergic to MBB!

Wriggling around at 6.5 inches, this week MBB is the size of a coconut. I have to say MBB does not feel as heavy as a coconut, but according to this week's email he/she should be as hairy!

Besides that not much more to report than MBB is become more active around the bladder region :). I am hoping in the next few weeks we will be able to feel him/her on the surface. We head back to the midwife early June for a check up (heart beat and check in only), but nothing too big will be coming along for a while.

A recap of the DC Birthing Center as promised:
  • The center currently has six midwives and may be bringing on more in the future including my former midwife from Takoma park.
  • They will NOT be closing anytime soon and have room for me!
  • Two midwives attend every birth which is wonderful and great support.

Jason and I really liked the overview we got when we were there. We got to meet four of the six midwives and hear a lot about their birthing philosophy. Not sure what else folks would like to know about the place so ask some questions and I can provide answers.

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