Thursday, May 3, 2007

It is hard to blog when... have no Internet at home. Due to the extreme incompetence of our local Internet provider Comcast we have been down at home since Tuesday night with no end in sight. It's also hard to do research, homework, gift buying or a ton of other things. Amazing how dependent we have become on the Internet.

So on a happier note, I found a local provider of eco-friendly paint for MBB's room and will be going to check out Amicus Green Building Center tonight. Then it's clean out the baby room weekend!

I also heard from a friend of mine, Karen, who is a doula (more on what doula's are and how they are cool in an upcoming blog). She assisted in a birth at the DC Birthing Center that we are checking our on Monday and had a very good experience. So there is hope MBB will have a place to be born yet. The DC center is one of the few left in the area and as of yesterday they are still taking patients so keep your fingers crossed!

Re-reading some of the old blogs I realize I owe a story about pregnancy nose on an airplane. So here goes the short version:
- I thought my pregnancy nose was taking a break as I was smelling pretty normally the last month. Then I got on a plane late at night on the way back from Boulder and it was like all the smells in the world hit me all at one time. The guy two seats over had been drinking AND smoking - which would have been ok if he had at least showered in the past few days! For anyone who knows my "love" of flying this added to the already nervous stomach and reminded me to start bringing clothespins with me on flights. So a warning to all those going into enclosed spaces, please shower first!!

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I heard about doulas on Gilmore Girls of all places! Luke's sister has a doula at her baby's birth and falls in love with the word doula. She ends up naming her baby Doula! LOL.