Tuesday, November 6, 2007

All dressed up with places to go...

You can tell when we haven't posted for a few days that Lilah is back to bring a social butterfly. With her busy schedule and the weather getting colder, I have been having fun dressing Lilah up in all types of cute winter outfits. I never thought I would enjoy such a thing, but darn if she doesn't look so darn cute.

Starting backwards from most recent to the last post. Today Lilah and I went to visit Isaiah Bruce and his mom Laura who was in both my natural birth class as well as my birth center birth class. Isaiah was born just a week and a half after Lilah at the birth center and they are on their way to becoming fast friends. I didn't get a chance to take any photos of them hanging out together today, but I will make sure to take some next time so you can see how adorable they both are.

The above photo was taken yesterday as Lilah and I ran errands in the chilly weather. I love the hooded look! She still doesn't like her carseat much, but I am getting quite good and dropping her into the Ergo right as we get out of the car and she LOVES to snuggle and sleep in that.

This past weekend also brought many social engagements for Miss Lilah. On Sunday we had a smallish brunch (16 or so folks) to celebrate my birthday. Lilah was on wonderful behavior and enjoyed much attention. You can see on the photo on the left the entire Dailey family spoiling her with hugs! (shhh don't tell Hunter and Mookie that Curly was on the couch!) Lilah got to meet another playmate, Dalia Esther, just a little over two weeks. She is the daughter of my friends Jonathan and Rachael and is super cute and to me so small - even though Lilah is just three weeks older.

On Saturday Lilah and I venture over the river (and through the woods :) ) and traffic to Tara's house. You can see how she felt about this outfit! And that was before the trip to Kohls (50% off infant clothes) and then Whole Foods.

That brings us up to now. The next few days get even busier as Lilah can not seem to clear her social calendar ;)

Tomorrow Lilah will be strutting her stuff at lunch with Seth and Jeff, then Friday dinner with Elizabeth and Santiago, an art auction with Darryl, Beth and Seth and Saturday and then another brunch on Sunday. Few! Well I guess more cute outfits and photos to come - off to get some sleep to prepare for the next few days - stay tuned as the cuteness continues (insert throwing up noise here!)

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