Thursday, November 29, 2007

How time flies

Tomorrow Lilah will be two months old. Wow! She has changed so much in the past almost nine weeks and she is really starting to become a little person with her own personality.

She had her first cold this week, but is on the mend - giggling and happy as ever. We have our two month pediatrician appointment tomorrow where Lilah gets her first set of vaccinations. Everyone has warned me about her crankiness afterwards so I think I am prepared, but we will see. We expect her to be about 11.5 lbs and Jason and I have been weighing her (by weighing ourselves) on our scale at home. I am curious to see how close we are.

Besides that it has been a rather quiet week of hanging out at the house and walking the dog in the nice November weather we have been having (global warming at its best!).

However, this weekend Lilah has quite a busy schedule with a birthday party for Beth (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH! - ok well last Saturday but better late than never) and some visitors on Saturday and Sunday. She is one social baby and I am very grateful for that.

For all those who have asked, we are still on the nanny hunt so any suggestions, thoughts or ideas please feel free to send.

Off to eat dinner! I will post all about our appointment and a photo of her with the bear as her growth chart this weekend.

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