Friday, November 23, 2007

Even her feet are cute!

Happy day after Thanksgiving to all! Lilah enjoyed her first Turkey Day with lots of laughing and playing. We had a small turnout this year of just us and Elizabeth and Santiago - good food, good friends and good fun! Lilah wore her Thanksgiving outfit, which reminded me that people like to make hats with ears for babies and feed with words (or cute photos). Below is also a photo of the super cute socks she was wearing today.

Also in the "Global Warming" is here arena, yesterday was about 75 degrees in Maryland. Lilah and Hunter both enjoyed a beautiful day outside while Daddy dug up horseradish (yum!) and Mommy took lots of pictures. Luckily the tree decided to produce leaves the exact shade of Hunter so that he could be a super camouflage dog. :)

So that was our first Thanksgiving with Miss Lilah - I hope your was as fun and full of smiles!

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