Monday, November 26, 2007

Lilah has hands :)

It is amazing how each day brings new ups and downs with a little one. This weekend was no exception. First off - as you can see from the photo on the left Lilah has discovered she has hands. It is wonderful to see her exploring the world around her each day and learning about different things. She can stare at her hand for five minutes just trying to understand who knows what - I can only guess. I can't wait for her to find her feet!

We have also discovered that Lilah likes to swing which should be no surprise considering how much she likes to dance. I bet she will always be in constant motion. The swing has also allowed Jason and I uninterrupted dinners almost every night this week. Woohoo. Warm dinner.

Although it didn't happen this weekend, I also wanted to share that cats apparently love Lilah. This is Erika's cat Koko who already loves Jason (because he is allergic all cats tend to love him). As you can see they make quite a cute trio.

So on the down note we are still nannyless. Last night we were all excited because we thought we had found the perfect nanny. She had trained to be a pediatrician, taught pre-school and was just great. However, once she went to quit her current position they "gave her an offer she couldn't refuse" and she decided to stay. So back to the nanny search we go.

Speaking of nanny searching, off I go now to email some. Wish me luck!

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