Sunday, November 18, 2007


Back in the saddle and catching up on the last week of Lilah fun.

Ever since Lilah was born friend and family have been asking how Hunter feels about his new sister. As you can see from this photo, they are on there way to becoming quite good friends. The first few weeks Hunter ignored her as I don't think he knew what to do with her high pitched cry. But now that he is used to that he come running in to give her kisses when she gets home and to sit with her whenever she is sad or feeding or well in the room. Hunter and Lilah BFFs.

If you are a reader of this blog, you know that we have been on the endless hunt for daycare for when I go back to work on January 7th. The update on that is we are currently working on a nanny share. What that is are two families who hire one nanny to watch both their children. It is a bit more personal than daycare and provides more caregiver per child. Even better for us is the other couple (the ones we are "sharing" with) live 5 blocks from my current office - so I will be able to visit Lilah at lunch! We have started to interview nanny's and this is a photo from our trip today. However this is a quick shout out to anyone who might have any suggestions as we are still looking (didn't like the nanny today) and only have about five weeks to find someone.

As she grows and changes each day one noticeable difference is that Lilah is getting more interactive in her waking hours - she is even giving real smiles! This photo is her hanging out in her crib in her room enjoying the mobile. She can stay like that for about 15 minutes before she gets bored - just enough time for me to put away her clothes :)

She is still traveling as much as always being her social butterfly self. Two Friday's ago (the 9th) she went to dinner at Elizabeth and Santiago's house and got an introduction to their two cats! Then this Wednesday she was out for Mexican with Gayle and Erik who hopefully will be having their little one any day now. Then Thursday she hung out with some of my friends from the office who came over for Italian at our place. Friday she had another cat visitation at Erika and David's and then this weekend had a blast when both her grandmas came to visit. After all of that you can imagine how I was able to get this cute shot!

The last fun thing to note in this quick update, because I am getting quite sleepy, is that her Daddy really enjoys the cute hand thing she does in this photo to the left. We are both amazed she is already more coordinated than me!

Hopefully this week will lead to more frequent updates and I can promise a post on Turkey Day when you can see the special Thanksgiving outfit all ready for her to wear. I am already thankful she is so darn cute!

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Anonymous said...

The cute hand thing in the last picture, where the thumb is tucked between the middle and forefingers, is called the "nubbin." It is sign language for "cocker spaniel," whose docked tail the signal resembles. Clearly Lilah is trying to say "Mommy, as much as I love Hunter, I really liked that cocker spaniel with the short tail that was here a couple of weeks ago." ;-)