Friday, November 2, 2007

A shout out to the best baby carrier ever

Occasional Disclaimer: This post is being written by a very tired mommy who had about two hours of sleep last night and is only now able to write this because of the subject of this post the Ergo Baby Carrier. The writer (that's me) claims no responsibility for the grammar, syntax, photos (taken today in my sleepy frame of mind) and general sense of the writing on this page.

When I was pregnant, mom's I knew would tell me all about products that they had that they could not live without. At the time I didn't understand the attraction, but after only a month of mommyhood I have three of these: the Boppy, the Fisher Price Baby Papason and the Ergo Baby Carrier. I will address the first two another day, but I needed to share today how the Ergo is saving my sanity.

If you remember month and months and months ago, the Ergo was recommended to me by Heather who had a friend who really liked it. Then when my mom and I did our trip up to the baby store in Fredrick we were actually able to test one out and see how really cool it was. The Ergo is fairly new on the market and I have just recently seen one in Buy Buy Baby, normally it was only available online and in Fredrick. You have probably heard of the Baby Bjorn and a few others, but the Ergo was specific for folks with bad backs (me!) and I was able to put her in it right from birth when (if you have been to dinner at our house at all this month) Jason used to put her to sleep whenever we wanted to eat. I have worn it to the mall, to the grocery, to my office, to walk Hunter - basically anyplace I need to be hands free, have her secure and (this is key) have her SLEEP.

As I have mentioned Lilah is a super good baby and generally I have no complaints. However last night and this morning she has been especially fussy (I am guessing due to my large intake of leftover Halloween chocolate) and although I had given up on sleep I wanted to try and at least walk around the house a bit. So after a few hours of feed, rock, feed, rock it struck me - I had forgotten about the Ergo! So on it went and ASLEEP she went as you can see from the photos to the left just taken a few minutes ago. She is almost asleep enough to go into her cosleeper and then off I go to bed!

Also the Ergo staff have incredible customer service. The carrier comes with a waist safety strap in case the belt buckle part were ever to malfunction (although it's so large I can't imagine it would). Well after wearing it every day for the past month, on Wednesday I noticed that the safety strap was coming off as the stitching was a bit loose. So since I got the Ergo as a gift, I called the online customer service direct and because they work on CST left a message assuming I would have to call back again. Was I surprised when just an hour after they opened I got a call back from maybe the nicest customer service person I have ever talked to (yes it is a sad commentary to our retail industry when a call back and a nice voice excites me).

Long story short, a new Ergo is on its way to us and should be here tomorrow. In the meantime I am going to take this one off and see if the miracle sleeping keeps up. Good sleep (or work if you do not have a one month old) to all!

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N & G said...

Wow, I'll have to report about this one to my sister. Hope you guys get some sleep soon, nighty night.